The veinscanner technology permits the selective recognition of living palms veins patterns. An alive recognition is integrated which distinguishes a living from a non living hand.

  • The high available level of security is guaranteed very due to alive recognition.
  • Good acceptance thanks to usage without contact.
  • Fast and easy access of authorized persons.
  • Identification of the user identity without aid.
  • Various samples of one hand can be stored.
  • The registration method is less influenced by temperature. Veins can also be recognised easily when hand temperature is reduced.
  • Also smaller hands are showing a sufficient pattern.

The vein sensor is connected to the processor by a cable of maximum 4 m long. The veinscanner is only under restriction suitable for the out side usage.

Selected applications
Facility securityAccess control in special areasRegistration and time registration of staffAuthorization profiles for users in various areas.

Health Services Access control for wards, laboratories, pharmacies and operating theatres. Security of patients though access control.e Health-Sector

Banking and FinanceAccess control to safe deposit boxes, treasuries and storage facilities Biometric authentication for on line bankingCashless payment in internal facilities

Public Services and
Proof of identity at immigration control Identification for automated border control

Air traffic, cruisesPass control Access and passage controlAccess control of employees

Technical data
False acceptance: 0,00008 % (FAR)
False rejection: 0,01 % (FRR)
Recording distance: 50 mm
Interfaces: RS 232/RS 485, Ethernet
Ambient temperature: 0-60° C, in the special casing -10°-60° C
Light ray: Light in environment under 2000 Lux 20-80% Halogen light under 500 Lux
Power: 5,4V/2,5W


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