FS-CONTROL is a software solution for organizing access control by means of biometric identification using fingerscan. FS-CONTROL enables the administration and organization of fingerprints on the PC. The fingerprints are scanned from a central fingerscan-terminal and stored on the PC.

FS-CONTROL distributes the templates automatically
  • to the fingerscan terminals
  • according to defined access privileges
  • and according to set-up time schemes.

Thus, for example, templates can automatically be sent to specific terminals and deleted again. This is how a time-limited access regulation is possible without any problems. FS-CONTROL can also be used in combination with ZEITPRO, a software solution for the registration and administration of employees´ working hours.

FS-CONTROL is also suitable for large networks and runs with the operating systems Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

System features
  • only registered people can use FS-CONTROL (password protection)
  • up to 30 time-schemes can be defined
  • two time-schemes can be simultaneously assigned to each person
  • updating of all terminals immediately (triggered manually)
  • updating of all terminals at a particular time (triggered automatically)
  • time-scheduled delivery and deletion of fingerprint-patterns
  • download of login log files (logbook-function)
  • up to 95 terminals can be supported
  • addition, deletion and modification of access rights and door-opening-functions


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