Biopassport & BioLogon
Access control and safety for sensitive data can be achieved with passwords. It would be faster and more comfortable, however, to use just a finger.

BioLogon 2.0
The fingerprint of every human being is unique. For a century now this unique feature has been used to identify people. With BioLogon software your computer can do this, too.

Instead of using a password to start programmes or to access data you could just point your finger towards your computer.
The fingerprint-reader and the BioLogon software would recognize your fingerprint within a second and let you access your computer or the required data. Thus the improper use of protected data is impossible.

The sensor recognizes the fingerprint because of the unique characteristics of all fingers of a hand registered at the installation. PCs and whole networks can be protected with the fingerprint-reader and the BioLogon software. If a person has the right to access and places his or her finger in the small scanner window, the system will recognize the print conclusively. The system cannot be foiled by counterfeits.

  • access to PC by using finger
  • registers and recognizes the fingerprints of a number of users and thus allows access to different system-configurations
  • uses the PC-printer-port
  • the One-Touch Screensaver conceals the data on your screen from unauthorized viewers if you want to leave your desk
  • integrated in the Microsoft Network Security Architecture
  • change of password (old/new password) possible by matching fingerprint; no need to remember passwords

BioLogon Server for Windows WIN 2000
  • central administration of passwords and fingerprints in the network
  • protocol of old activities
  • encoded network transfer

Password-Center 2.02 BIO
Application programmes that are secured by a password can now also be secured by a fingerprint - named ”password replacement“. With Password-Center 2.02 BIO the BioLogon 2 fingerprint-dialogue is also available for other applications such as Word, Excel, Winzip, Outlook and IE5.

Password-Center registers the user´s name and password in a protected password database and passes them automatically on to the password dialogue of application programmes.
The fingerprint-reader is also available in combination with a keyboard. The recognition device is integrated in the keyboard.

Fingerprint-reader with BioLogon
Fully developed packet containing a fingerscanner and Bio-recognition software.
The delivery package comprises both programmes – BioSafe for encoding selected data files and BioShield for protecting selected application programmes. Multi-user licences are now also available!


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