The future starts today!
The safety awareness and thus the demand for safety has steadily grown over the last few years. More and more businesses are professionally securing sensitive areas by introducing access controls which also register the exact working times of the employees. To achieve this goal it is often necessary to develop and implement an overall custom-built project solution.

The acem-systeme has been active in the field of biometry for years and specialized in the development of biometric applications. With our solutions we can provide innovative know-how for a variety of different types of projects. Hard and software of the newest generation offer our customers the utmost safety of investment.

The future begins today!
To guarantee a smooth cooperation of all components every small detail needs to be configured and thought through exactly. This is what we call system solutions: open solutions based on proven standards.

We call not only the completed project a ”system solution“ but also the way in which we accompany our customer holistically from the analysis of the requirements and development of a solution up to the installation, configuration and start of operation.


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